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The Board conducts an information campaign on the offer of Andalusian language tourism in Hungary

The Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Science through Extenda-Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia, has begun this week in Hungary, an information campaign to publicize the existing language tourism offer in Andalusia students and teachers in bilingual schools in the country not .
On this occasion Extenda has been supported by its Office of Business Promotion of Budapest who made a mailshot information to more than 40 institutes in which is taught Spanish as a second language.
Also, the AEEA (Association of Spanish in Andalucia) has provided a generic list which includes all available Andalusian schools with the necessary information to contact them as well as the different courses, schedules, organized activities and opportunities accommodation. This booklet is accompanied by a letter of general and personalized at a time, for each teacher.
The aim of this work is to evaluate the potential of non-bilingual schools that teach Spanish Hungarian and finally reach the maximum number of Spanish students in the Hungarian market by sending information to their teachers about the possibilities of learning Spanish in Spain.
This activity will complement the initiatives to develop this sector after the now customary presence and collaboration of the Education Attaché, Embassy of Spain in Budapest in ENIB (National Institutes Bilingual Spanish), which took place last March.
Teaching Spanish in Hungary
According to reports Extenda, mastery of foreign languages is increasingly important in Hungary and there is a growing demand for foreign language learning due to various factors such as the large number of multinational companies in the country, the new labor market requirements The accession to the EU, etc.
Also, in the last 16 years in Hungary has tripled the share of foreign language speakers has taken place recently a modification of the Education Law with a very positive impact as it requires the study of one or two foreign languages in primary education secondary and graduate is required in addition to pass the state of one or two languages depending on the type of studies.
Each year there is a greater number of students studying Spanish, while in 2005 only reached 9,774 students for the 2009-2010 school year there were 12,901, which represents a growth of over 30%, data indicate Hungarian Ministry of Education. Despite this progress Hungary is still far from the EU, where 53% of the population speaks a foreign language compared to 19% Hungarian, indicating that there is still ample room for growth for this segment.