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BUDAPEST: European destination with the cheapest accommodation

BUDAPEST: European destination with the cheapest accommodation

MADRID , 16 Oct. (EuropaPress )
  Lisbon and Brussels are positioned as the cheapest European cities to plan a getaway from Madrid and Barcelona at an estimated cost of 125 euros and 127 euros respectively, according to the study by the rental provider .
   These prices include the price per person of a one bedroom apartment offered by the company, airline tickets , the shopping bag with five commodities ( a liter of milk , a loaf of bread , a bottle of mineral water, bottle of wine of average quality and a dozen eggs ) of a one way ticket on public transport, the entrance to a museum and a meal at a budget restaurant .
  From Madrid, the second cheapest destination would be Brussels, the first since Barcelona , with a cost of 151 euros , followed by Berlin ( 159 euros ) , Budapest ( 205 euros ) and Prague ( 205 euros ) . If the origin of the trip is the city of Barcelona , Berlin would be the second most economical way to travel , with a price of 132 euros , ahead of Nice ( 146 euros ), London ( 147 euros ) and Budapest ( 153 euros ) .
    In accommodation, both from Madrid and from Barcelona , the European destination is cheaper to stay Budapest , with an average price of 33 euros per night , followed by Lisbon ( 44 euros ), Istanbul ( 45 euros ) , Berlin ( 52 euros ) and Prague ( 57 euros ) .
   Air travel to Brussels are shown as the most affordable with a price of 16 euros from 40 euros from Barcelona and the capital. In the case of Madrid, the Portuguese city of Lisbon, also the cheapest option would be to use the aero complimentary .
  The study also points to Istanbul as the city with public transport cheaper ( 75 cents for a single ticket ) , to Prague as the city in which a restaurant meal out better value (3.90 euros) , the Museum British museum London as the cheapest ( free ) and Budapest as the destination to which the shopping bag costs less (6.72 euros for staples ) .
  "Tourists often do not take into account all the costs when you have to choose their holiday destination , but tend to focus on a particular element as the low cost of living in a certain place or the economic price of flights "said the founder and CEO of the company , Arnaud Bertrand .