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Formula 1 Hungary. - De la Rosa: "Being a slow circuit should go pretty well here"

The Spanish driver Pedro Martinez de la Rosa (HRT) explained that the Hungarian Grand Prix to be held at the Hungaroring, should be adapted "pretty well" to the characteristics of 'F112' as it is "a slow circuit , like Monaco. "
MADRID, July 26, 2012 (EuropaPress)
"Being a slow circuit, similar to Monaco, we should go pretty well here. We must take advantage of these circuits slow, but we do not have new parts until a few races. I say this because in Monaco, with the touch at turn (Maldonado-Williams hit him), I lost a good opportunity and I do not want to happen here, "the Catalan speaking to their website by Europa Press.
In addition, De la Rosa recognized the good feelings it brings the Hungarian track, and who took second place in 2006 at the wheel of the McLaren, their best mark of his career in Formula 1. "The Hungaroring is special to me, but what I really want is that is the case this year for HRT," the pilot.
Recognized strategy which will be marked by "tire degradation" and the climate, which in this race can upset the plans of the teams as they did last year. "He will be greatly influenced by the time we meet," he says.
"Hungary can be a real oven at this time of year, but we can find a climate similar to Hockenheim and Silverstone. So it is better not to say much more and shoot all we can on Friday to adapt to whatever comes next "he said from Barcelona.
On the other hand, praised the evolution of the HRT team and its coach this season. "In the first half of season we managed to reduce the 'gap' of over 107 percent in qualifying in Australia, an approximately 104-105 last few races," he said.
"It was not easy but the good thing is we have another 10 runs to be reduced further, working as usual, without thinking about anyone else. That must be our objective by the end of season," added the Spaniard.
Similarly, De la Rosa admitted to feel comfortable and live in a "rewarding" improvements 'F112'. "It is clear that much remains to be done, but we have to follow the trend of these 10 races, slowly but surely, cutting the gap to the best of times," he added.
In this career, De la Rosa finished his last appearance at the Hungaroring race, with the Sauber C29, seventh and got it the first points of the season. And with Arrows competed four times at this track and finished fifteenth in 1999, sixteenth in 2000, eleventh in 2001 and fourteenth in 2002.
The circuit is characterized by slippery asphalt, slow corners and short straights that benefit the car of the Spanish team. Furthermore, it requires a high downforce and soft suspension forks to suit the characteristics of Hungaroring closed.