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Angelina Jolie in BUDAPEST


Angelina Jolie is set to begin shooting the film that became his debut as director and screenwriter, and he has chosen Hungary as the main stage. But the actress does not forget her role as mother of six children. Already installed in Budapest, Jolie has enrolled the four largest school in an upscale French-American to become accustomed to a new life in Budapest.

Meanwhile, the father of a large family, Brad Pitt, has been in Boston, where the movie Moneyball wheel, so the actress 35 years will face the first day alone cole small, the school starts next week.

Zahara and Shiloh will attend the Kindergarten school, while Pax and Maddox will make a primary. The twins Vivienne and Knox are still very young and will stay home with their nannies.

According to a source who spoke with People magazine, the arrival of Angelina aquicense neighborhood and his family has been most helpful. She was brought personally before the whole neighborhood. "He approached each other and we shook hands, as if he knew who he was," said the neighbor.

Jolie and their six children have rented a luxury 15-room house in the hills of Buda on the right bank of the Danube, which costs the actress nor more nor less than $ 22,000 monthly.