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Fernando Colomo filming in Budapest

Budapest, November 22, 2011 (EFE) .- The rogue Picasso, who was involved in the theft of the Mona Lisa in 1911, who made mischief with Braque and Apollinaire and theorized in the Stein house is in the interest of Fernando Colomo who delights in Budapest the Paris of the early twentieth century for his new film, "The band Picasso".

Turning the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Hungarian capital at the Salon des Independants in the city of the Seine, where Georges Braque exactly one hundred years ago showed his painting "The great naked," Colomo had a dream today that cost him seven years to begin to materialize.

The director of Madrid, a fan of cubism, wanted to tell the story of the young Picasso stripping of fame, portraying him as a "a short he did not speak Spanish and French arrived in Paris to change the History of Art" he summarizes.

About thirty extras dressed as Parisian haute bourgeoisie, almost fifty reproductions of paintings of the era, the art direction Oscar Nominee Patrice Vermette and magical lighting by Jose Luis Alcaine join to your project.

"My God, I bundled the" exclaims Colomo excited. "I have a production team that I do not think so," he adds.

The former founder of the comedy Madrid with "paper tiger", is still committed to the young and carefree, even for his "band" has the most influential artists of the twentieth century as well as the painter from Malaga and Braque, Guillaume Apollinaire , Max Jacob, Henri-Pierre Roché, Henry Matisse and Leo and Gertrude Stein.

"It's a story so strange that everybody will think it is a fiction," says Colom to the media during this shoot, which will have you busy until 17 December in Budapest, where filming for the first time in French and a cast of anonymous faces, with Ignacio Mateos (Picasso), Stanley Weber (Braque) and Pierre Bénézit (Apollinaire) to the head.

Equally little known is the fact that Pablo Picasso had to declare on the famous robbery in the box Louvre Leonardo Da Vinci, which temporarily blamed Guillaume Apollinaire, co-star and "fascinating character" in the history of Colombia, who closer to reality in a "desecrated".

"I have made no betrayal of the essence, but if I followed the 'non è vero is, è ben trovato' because it is the way to get to the bottom. I already see all these artists as characters. They are Paul and Guillaume, I forget whether or not Picasso Picasso, "explains the director of" Get off the Moor, "who has written up to 14 versions of this script.

Define the result as "irreverent and visceral" and, as in "Years barbarians" or "The Butterfly Effect", clings to youth because "any history of anyone under 30 years is more interesting."

In fact, "The band Picasso" starts right at that moment that Picasso is approaching the round number, when "all his companions are left behind because he goes and has that" to put it mildly, choose between these friends and his career, "said Colom, who then takes a step back, to 1907, began to explore how to relate to the whole" band ".

"This is the movie most I have prepared in my life," said Colom, who thought for a moment that Woody Allen had ruined the proposal with its "Midnight in Paris", which recreates an even more fanciful Parisian cultural environment of the 20 years.

"At first I was scared, but then I saw that he had nothing to do. In fact, I think it's okay, because it has become fashionable to Stein," he says.

Tomorrow, in fact, shot in an apartment in Budapest one of those meetings talents Stein brothers' house, with thirteen actors on stage. "This city is what more could appear at Paris in the early twentieth century. And the Hungarians are working very well, because they are always silent and going very fast," he says.

But let no one be alarmed at such cultural reference: "This movie can see it even someone who does not know who Picasso. It's a comedy with normal characters, a group of artist friends, with their friendship, their quarrels, their selfishness and treachery , "says the filmmaker.

Mateo Sancho Cardiel