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'Gran Reserva' and 'The Angel of Budapest', finalists in Seoul Festival

'Gran Reserva' and 'The Angel of Budapest', finalists in Seoul Festival
MADRID, July 27, 2012 (EuropaPress) -
   The series 'Gran Reserva' and the TV movie 'The Angel of Budapest', both Spanish TV, have been finalists in the seventh edition of Seoul International Drama Festival Awards.
   The festival, which specializes in fiction, organizes every year the association of Korean television and audiovisual industries and rewards the best fiction productions as well as professionals from around the world. The award ceremony will be Aug. 30 in Korea.
   The event has had in its seventh year with the participation of 201 productions from a total of 45 countries and is also the largest international festival of fiction.

The jury awards fail consists of seven members from six countries: Korea, Australia, China, Germany, Japan and the United States.
   The series 'Gran Reserva', with elements of thriller, melodrama and family saga, revolves around two families engaged in the wine business: the Cortazar and Reverte.
   Starring Emilio Gutiérrez Caba, Angela Molina, Tristan Ulloa, Paula Echevarria, Anne Smiley, Armando del Rio, Aitor Luna and Francesc Garrido, was issued in the harvesting season 1 for two very good audience data that have become leading Thursday night. The series will return with its third season next year.
   The fiction also has the Quality Award at the Second Festival of Film and Television of Leon (2011), and the Bronze Medal at the International Festival of New York (2011).
   Actors also have been recognized on several occasions: Emilio Gutiérrez Caba was named Best Actor Award in 2010 and Zapping in the same category Waves Award 2011; Aitor Luna, meanwhile, won the award for Best Actor in Awards Actors Union.
   The TV movie 'The Angel of Budapest' choose hand the award for Best Screenplay in Television Movie category, work has been desempañada by Angel Aranda.
   Released on December 22, 2011 in La 1 TVE, tells the story of the Spanish legacy in Budapest, Ángel Sanz Briz, who saved thousands of Jews during World War II. Francis Lawrence and starring co-produced by TVE and DLO Productions, was filmed entirely in the Hungarian capital.
   This production, directed by Luis Oliveros and based on the book of Diego Carcedo 'A Spanish to the Holocaust', was recognized in the International Festival of Film and Television in New York 2012 for Best TV Movie and and previously took the award Zoom Best Film at the Festival, European Film Festival for Television, 2011.
   TVE and has been awarded in previous editions of this event. The series 'Wonder Years' took the prize for Best Screenplay at the 2006 and a year later also got the Best Director. In 2008, the series 'Missing' was rewarded twice: Best Program for all categories and Best Direction Miniseries.