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GMV win a public contract in Budapest


GMV Space Company has won a contract to install its systems in more than 2,300 intelligent public buses in Budapest. Thanks to this contract (valued at 24 million euros), the technology firm will manage one of the largest fleets of city vehicles in Europa's surface.
This project has a double significance for the group. On the one hand, it is his first major achievement in this sector outside of Spain. In parallel, reinforcing the role of its transport subsidiary, which has become a strategic segment for the teaching. With this partnership, called GMV Sistemas, combines satellite navigation services and mobile communications to track vehicles and provide real time information.
Jump abroad
"In the last decade, Spain has experienced spectacular growth in public transport, which has allowed us to acquire technological competence in this area and now helping us to go outside with many safeguards," said Juan Antonio March, CEO of GMV Sistemas .
The firm accounts for 50% of the market share of this activity in Spain, where it operates city buses in Valladolid and Barcelona, as well as the operations of more than 1,600 Renfe. Its main competitor is ACS, which takes another 30% of this business.
After landing in Budapest, the objective of GMV is to enter the Top 5 worldwide. "In Hungary, we have already beaten the global leaders, such as IVU and Init German companies," said the manager, adding: "This opens up many possibilities for growth, both in Europe and Asia and other places Latin America. "
The company ended 2010 with a turnover of 102 million euros, after growing by a slight 2%. 45% corresponds to the space business, the original business of GMV. The company, which began his career astronaut Pedro Duque, is a global leader in ground control systems for satellites.
But a subsidiary of transport and over 20% of global business, "and it is likely that this percentage continues to rise," said Miguel Martinez Olague, director of corporate development.
"With this branch, we have offset the fall in other markets are losing ground, as the area of Defense or the services of information technology for the government," concludes the executive.
The transportation business line has grown in parallel with the GPS and mobile phones. GMV's first project was in 1996.
In recent years, have already landed in small towns in countries like Poland or Hungary.
Your challenge is to move their systems to large private fleets, vehicle maintenance and management of toll roads.