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Hungary claimed equal treatment by the EU country not to be "second class"

BUDAPEST, March 15, 2012 (Reuters / EP)
   The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, has abounded Thursday at criticism of his government to the alleged double standards with which the EU fiscal policy measures in Hungary and other Member States, including Spain, and warned they will not accept country to be "second class".
   Orban has recovered expressed criticism of the EU this week after Brussels relax the deficit target for Spain and, on the other hand, froze 495 million EU aid to Hungary for not taking sufficient steps to reduce its excessive deficit.
   Orban has argued, without naming names, equal to the rest home during a ceremony marking the anniversary of the revolution against the Habsburgs, in 1848, and attended by some 250,000 people, according to local news agency MTI .
   "The program and the desire of the Hungarians in 2011 is as follows: We will not be a colony," he said in a speech in which he has called for "equal treatment". "We are not second class European citizens. Our request is legitimate that we apply the same standards that apply to other countries," he added.
   Hungarian Prime Minister has blamed the punishment of the EU to the "mistrust" that prevails policies that Budapest has tried to tackle its deficit. The European Commission has questioned measured as the rate imposed on banks, the new regulations governing the Central Bank or the nationalization of private pension funds, among other policies that have even been criticized as undemocratic.
   "We are very used to this camaraderie that we have not asked, but comes with a finely tailored suit and not in a uniform with shoulder pads," he assured Orban, who has emerged as the Hungarian Guard slogans against Brussels .