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Four Andalusian language schools taught a Spanish teaching workshop in Hungary

SEVILLE, March 21, 2012
   The Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia (Extenda), an agency under the Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Science, organized a workshop for teachers of Spanish in the four schools that have participated in community languages. This event took place this Wednesday at the Cervantes Institute in Budapest (Hungary).
   This action, which aims to promote Andalucía as the target language immersion for young Hungarians, was carried out with the support of the Andalusian Association of Spanish Schools for Foreigners (EEA), according to a note of the Regional Government.
   Andalusian Training centers have been present in the Czech capital come from Malaga - Cervantes International Malaga school Yes - Sevilla - Enforex - and Granada - Castilla -. They have gone 43 teachers from 29 centers and eight Hungarian language tourism agencies.
   Opening the workshop has been carried out by Javier Perez Spleen, director of the Cervantes Institute in Budapest, Antonio Castro Perales, president of the Association of Teaching Spanish, and Éva Naszály, director of the Office of Hungary Extenda. They have also witnessed the act Soler Jorge Hidalgo, Minister of Culture of the Embassy of Spain in Budapest, Immaculate Canet, aggregate Education in the same entity, and Miklós Drégely charge of Tourespaña in Hungary.
   The workshop involved the provision of an educational session entitled "Solving puzzles in the ELE class," which has given Patricia Santervás, Cervantes International School.
   Subsequently, meetings have been held between the academies work Andalusian language tourism agencies. Finally, it held a lot of training grants for teachers attending schools offered by EEA.
   According to reports Extenda, Spanish is popular in Hungary, where more than 12,000 people study it in formal education, a number that grows each year. In addition, there are nearly 150 schools where Spanish is taught, both private (language schools and colleges) and public (universities, colleges, secondary schools and colleges in the area of Budapest).
   The Association 'Spanish in Andalusia' (EEA) covers more than 36 Spanish schools spread over Cadiz, Granada, Malaga and Sevilla, all centers accredited by the Cervantes Institute, so a high quality education and services is guaranteed.
   The EEA provides a wide range of courses aimed at different audiences (children, adults, professionals) and a complementary program of activities.
Source: EuropaPress