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Released in Spain in the Hungarian film "Just sex and nothing more"

Dora worked as a screenwriter in a theater of Budapest.

It is a Hungarian woman in love with her boyfriend who looks forward to the day that prompted this marriage, because at 32 you feel old to be single.

Suddenly his life is turned upside down when she discovers her boyfriend is a married man and his wife is expecting a child. From this point hates men and their only goal is to have sex and nothing else, the sole end of pregnancy and achieve their goal is to have a child without the least regard the father.

From this moment draws all sorts of ideas for a man and become pregnant.

The movie is filmed in Budapest.

Technical Data:
Director: Krisztina GODA
Screenplay: Krisztina GODA, and Gabor DIVINYI REKA HELLER
Music: Gabor Madarasz
Director of Photography: Buda Gulyás
Mounting: Hand Csillag
Producer: Gábor Kalomo

JUDITH SCHELL Z, Kata Dobo, Sandor Csanyi, Karoly Gesztesi, ADEL JORDAN
Zoltán Seress, Zoltán Rátóti