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Andalusian agro companies present their products in Budapest

SEVILLE, April 18, 2012 (IRIN)
   A delegation of nine companies Andalusian agri-food sector have participated in a trade mission to Hungary, which took place in the capital, Budapest, 17 to 18 April. This action has been possible thanks to support from the Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Science through the Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia (Extenda).
   The event consisted of a press conference in the Andalusian companies were presented to 40 media, followed by a tasting of their products. In addition, bilateral meetings have taken place with the supermarket chains Tesco and Auchan, and a total of 22 Hungarian importers and distributors.
   The meeting schedule has been moved, even to the headquarters of some importers and supermarkets have been visits to Budapest. In total, we have conducted about 90 interviews between 24 Hungarian companies attending the show and 9 participants Andalusian firms.
   Of the nine companies that participated in this trade mission, three are from Seville - Loreto Specialty Goods; Oleoestepa Campomar SCA and Nature - two of Cadiz - Antonio Barbadillo and Franjuba Pan - the same as those of Granada - Oils and Oleosalar Echinac Harvesters -. Almería has been represented by a company - Luxeapers SLU - like Huelva - Union salting Islander -.
   The products that these firms are traded oils, vinegars, olives, capers, onions, pickles, nuts, green products, canned fish and wines, among others.
   Among the Hungarian population there is growing interest in both traditional products such as the Mediterranean diet or dietary innovative products. For this reason, the Extenda on April 13, through its Business Development Office in Budapest, launched a campaign to promote Andalusian food products via Facebook.
   Through the fan page 'Egy csipetnyi andaluzia' meaning 'Bits of Andalusia', are promoted Andalusian brands present in the Hungarian market through games, contests and announcements of events involving businesses in the community. In addition, this page is updated with information, trivia and recipes on Andalusian products.
   The initiative started with a competition on knowledge of Andalusian cuisine, whose winners will receive tickets for the 'Gourmet Festival Andaluz', to be held on April 20 at the Hotel Gellert in Budapest and with the participation of 34 companies in the community.
   The Hungarians welcomed by users of Facebook has been such that in just one weekend, fans of the fan page has increased more than 200.
   Coming soon will be another contest, which will consist of the participants to prepare dishes with an ingredient whose Andalusian Winners will receive a course taught by a renowned chef of the Community.