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Andaltec travels to Hungary to advance a project to develop innovative food packaging

Andaltec travels to Hungary to advance a project to develop innovative food packaging
Researchers from the Andalusian Plastic Technology Centre (Andaltec), located Martos (Jaén), have moved to the Hungarian city of Szeged to continue working in the European R + D 'Susfoflex', which is already in a state run "very advanced" and seeks to develop packaging for "sustainable and intelligent" foods will carry sensors temperature and condition of the product inside.
Martos (Jaén), June 25, 2014
As the company has detailed in a note Wednesday, innovative packaging for fruit and fish will increase the time that the food is kept in perfect condition, which "expand their marketing opportunities in more distant markets."
  After such work meeting, the consortium researcher already has decided the most appropriate to protect food through active functions of packaging formulations like "sensors that provide consumer information on the conservation status of the food," as explained the manager of this project Andaltec, Gabriel Morales, who pointed out that they are working on the integration thereof.
Furthermore, there is already "designs for the package and started the demonstration phase of the product", which is responsible Plastics Technology Center, as Morales clarified.
Similarly, researchers from different European countries are conducting a "thorough study" of the production costs of packaging in order to decide "what is the best strategy to market developments produced".
This is an initiative funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union which is led by the Finnish University of Oulu and with the participation of 14 organizations from eight countries.
The 'Susfoflex' project focuses on the investigation of new intelligent packaging using new printing techniques and nanomaterials, so that he seeks to "bring to market an innovative and attractive technology that provides employees who are part of the new consortium products with great potential for commercialization, "as explained by the manager Andaltec, José María Navarro.
Thus, they are developing new bioplastic packaging for sustainable food and intelligent, besides protecting the food, contain a product that can extend the expiration date. These containers also will carry sensors that, through a color code indicating whether the food is in perfect condition or have begun to deteriorate.
In the words of Navarro, "is a much more effective and reliable mechanism than traditional expiration date printed on the packaging to tell if a food is actually in good condition to be consumed."
The Plastics Technology Center Andalusian is "leader" work package dedicated to the demonstration and small-scale production and also handles degradability studies of packaging. Moreover, thanks to the nomination as 'Exploitation Manager' of one of its researchers, the center will be responsible for managing the exploitation of project results.
Source: EuropaPress