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The food sectors, furniture and high franchise business opportunities in Hungary


The Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Science, through the Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia (extended), has organized an action to search for business opportunities for firms in Andalusia in Hungary was held today at the Office Business Promotion Extenda in Budapest and the Economic and Commercial Office Embassy of Spain in the country.
SEVILLA, June 16, 2011 (IRIN)
The planned agenda will end on Thursday with the opening in Budapest, by the Secretary General of Economy and Chairman of Extenda, Gaspar Llanes, the 'Promotion at Points of Sale of the Cora supermarket', which carries the support of Extenda Landaluz and which involved 40 companies in Andalusia.
Also, the day began with a meeting of the Secretary General of Economy and Chairman of Extenda, Gaspar Llanes, Enrique Alda, economic and commercial counselor, and immediately visited the Office of Business Promotion Extenda in Budapest to discuss data recorded in activity.
Llanes said at its "strong commitment being made Extenda their presence in social networks where Hungary has set an example by holding a cooking contest 1328 Andalusian registered fans on Facebook."
In addition, the president of Extenda at the meeting held with all staff of the Office, which this year celebrates its tenth anniversary, reviewed the 2010 figures. "Last year the Office of Budapest Extenda 123 companies attended Andalusian and resolved 28 actions performed 221 requests for information, and so far in 2011 and are 88 companies assisted," said the President to extend.
In the words of Llanes, "Hungary is a market of great interest for the signatures of the community by showing that there have been about 400 entries from companies of Andalusia in the actions of Extenda in the Hungarian market in the last two years." Extenda President also noted that "business opportunities in Hungary are in sectors such as agribusiness, by the rise of the Mediterranean diet, jewelry because the standard of living has increased in recent years, the Andalusian furniture or companies the franchise where Hungary is still much ground to cover. "
According to data from Extenda, Andalucía exported in the first quarter of 2011 to Hungary products and services worth 6.5 million euros, ten percent more than the same period last year. In all of 2010 sales were 20.5 million euros. In the Year 2011, Andalucia has advanced a position in the ranking of Autonomous Regions that export more to the Hungarian market with respect to the full year 2010, ranking tenth, with 2.8 percent of national exports .
However, in 2010 and the first quarter of 2011, the number of companies exporting to Hungary Andalusia, Andalusia ranks fifth in the community, representing five per cent of Spanish companies exporting to Hungary. This figure was 166 in 2010 and 96 so far in 2011.
By province, Almería led sales with a 56.6 per cent, followed by Cordoba where copper and its main product manufacturing (16.4%) and Malaga (12%), the latter with greater growth in the last quarter 48.5 percent, mainly due to electrical apparatus and equipment, has doubled its sales, followed by clothing.
In 2011 the main items exported were legumes and vegetables account for half of exports 49.3 percent, followed by Copper and manufacturing with 14.4 percent and a growth of 28 percent and equipment and material power with a weight of six percent and an increase of almost double. Notably, sales of fruit have increased fivefold over the first quarter of 2010.

As indicated Extenda, Hungary, which holds the EU presidency during the first half of 2011 is a country with a GDP growth forecast for 2011 of 2.5 percent, according to the International Monetary Fund. Moreover, its strategic position as a bridge to Eastern Europe and Russia makes it attractive as a destination for Andalusian companies.
According to data from Extenda is advisable to Andalusian companies take into account that the market has an interest in innovative products and required quality certificates of the European Union (EU), in a market like this that serves as a basis for reaching to other nearby countries.
In addition, we need a medium-term strategy to adapt the products to market requirements and ideally start with a distributor in Hungary and can take advantage of the good product image and Andalusian Spanish.

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