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Malév Hungarian Airlines closes due to financial problems

BUDAPEST, February 3, 2012 (EuropaPress) -

    Malév Hungarian company has announced its closure and closure after arguing an "untenable situation" due to the withdrawal of confidence from creditors and the lack of support by the European Union (EU), as announced in its website that is no longer operational.

    The airline, which has suspended its operations from the early hours of Friday after 66 years of "almost continuous" has taken this decision "intended to minimize the damage that may be caused."

    "Unfortunately, the model can no longer sustain, although in recent years still harbored some hope and confidence of the passengers had not diminished, but the overnight, the partners have demanded advance payment services provided and this has accelerated cash flow that the company suffers an untenable situation, "said the CEO of Malév, Limburger su Lorant.

    Lorant added that the decision by the EU not to provide "further funding" the airline has condemned it to disappear permanently.

    Here, on 9 January the European Commission ruled that the public support received by the airline between 2007 and 2010 was illegal, as was required to recover a figure that could exceed 296 million euros.

    The Hungarian company has made available to its customers two phone numbers (06-40-21-21-21, for passengers to call from Hungary, and 36-1-802-11-11, for all other countries) about ways to return to the desired destination and the possibility of compensation.