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Budapest and Krakow, the fashionable cities in 2018

Budapest and Krakow, the fashionable cities in 2018

Eladio Tamayo Fonseca May 7, 2018

Cities also become fashionable for tourists as well as other items such as clothes or smartphones. In this 2018 two cities stand out above the rest of Europe, eclipsing cities as important as Rome or Berlin: we talk about Budapest and Krakow.

Budapest is the capital of Hungary and its largest city and Krakow is one of the most important and picturesque cities in Poland. Both treasure the charm of the Central European cities on which all tales of princesses are based and are included this year in the TOP 5 cheapest cities in Europe for tourists, and this is one of the main reasons why both are so fashionable in 2018.

What do Budapest and Krakow have in common?

These two cities despite being in different countries and having almost 400 kilometers of distance between them by road, have many similarities that make them boom and receive more visitors every year from all over the world, but especially Europeans. The most important common points that both cities have are the following:

Good air connections from Spain

These two cities are very well connected through different Spanish airports, which have routes throughout the year at affordable prices with low cost airlines and also with other conventional ones. This makes them very accessible for all types of pockets and ideal for a getaway during summer vacations or in macropuentes.

Cheap prices

Poland and Hungary are countries that still have a per capita income lower than the European average, so they have very attractive prices for Spanish tourists. In addition, as we have said before, they are in the TOP 5 of the cheapest cities in Europe in all kinds of services, whether hotel or catering.

Architectural and historical attractions

Undoubtedly, Budapest is one of the cities that treasures the most charm in its streets and monuments. A tour with guides in Spanish with a service like Free tour Budapest is without a doubt the best way to get to know the city. Charming corners of the city known as "The pearl of the Danube" are plenty to choose from, being the most important places like the majestic Parliament of Budapest or the Buda Castle.

In Krakow the tourist will not have time for boredom and will be a constant discovery of interesting places. For example, from Krakow you can take an excursion to the concentration camp of Auschwitz in free tour mode with Free tour Krakow or visit places like the Cloth Hall, and it is that knowing the city with this modality of tours is the best option and the most economic


Rich gastronomy

Central European gastronomy stands out for being a mixture of the typical gastronomy of Mediterranean countries and the most typical diets of northern Europe, which makes it a real discovery for most tourists who spend some time during their visit to these cities. Discover some of its traditional cuisine restaurants. Krakow restaurants such as Smakolyki represent the most loyal image of Polish food, as does the Hungarikum Bisztró restaurant in Budapest, where you can even enjoy traditional Hungarian music.

Free tours for a fun experience

Without a doubt and as we have recommended in this article there is no better way to discover these two wonderful cities than with tours of the most emblematic places with the free tours modality. And in this type of platforms are only available the really interesting options of each city, and not because nobody chooses but because they are the result of thousands of opinions of travelers on websites like TripAdvisor or social networks like Twitter or Flickr.

Krakow or Budapest are an excellent choice for your next vacation. A destination a few hours flight, economic and with much attraction to discover. Thanks to the greater number of air connections these cities and their treasures are available to everyone, so do not miss out on any travel opportunity you have and discover why they are considered the European cities of fashion during 2018.