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Avila vs Budapest: Envy or reality?

Avila vs Budapest: Envy or reality?
The Mayor of Avila regrets that the headquarters of CEPOL is to Budapest
AVILA, October 9, 2013 (EuropaPress) -
    The Mayor of Avila, Miguel Angel Garcia Nieto, lamented that the interior ministers of the European Union have decided to locate in Budapest (Hungary) the headquarters of the European Police College (CEPOL), instead of the city of Avila.
    He said "misunderstand" the decision because Avila has "the best police academy in Europe," the mayor said at a news conference Avila, while the case has been compared with the designation of the Olympic Games, and in Budapest "has even build the facility because not even have them."
    "I think we had the best bid", said while he has advocated the "internationalization" of the National Police Academy.