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Lamdassem and Diana Martin lead the Spanish team 'cross' for the appointment of Budapest

Lamdassem and Diana Martin lead the Spanish team 'cross' for the appointment of Budapest
MADRID, 28 November 2012 (EuropaPress)
   The European runner-up cross country in 2010 and 2011, Ayad Lamdassem, and holders of the modality of Spain, Diana Martin, will be the leaders of the Spanish national 'cross' at the 19th edition of the European Championship, which takes place in Budapest on 9 December.
   Lamdassem and Martin are the main advantages of the Spanish team, but will be well supported by other athletes the likes of Carles Castillejo, Juan Carlos Higuero, coming off winning the 'Sword of Toledo' and went gold in the European Indoor Championships in 1,500 meters, and Antonio Jiménez 'Penti', European champion in 3,000 m steeplechase in 2002.
   On the women's side, along with Martin, also recognized athletes compete as Alessandra Aguilar, European champions 'cross' team in 2007 and ranked twenty-sixth in the marathon at the London Olympics.
   Therefore, Spain is facing the championship as one of the favorite countries to get more medals, as they did in 2007, 2008 and 2009, although this will have to compete with countries like Ukraine, Portugal and the United Kingdom, which also come as major contenders to be metals.
   The national team, made up of 31 athletes will travel to Budapest on 7 December and the head of the expedition will be the team leader, Olallo Fernandez, who will be accompanied by coaches Berlanas Luis Miguel Martín, José Rios, Antonio Serrano and José Enrique Villacorta, besides Dr. Carmen Leon, the physiotherapist and the judge Basas Angel Perez Loreto.
- Men's team.
   -SENIOR: Carles Castillejo, Javier Guerra, Juan Carlos Higuero, Antonio Jiménez, Alberto Lozano and Ayad Lamdassem.
   -PROMISE: Antonio Abadía, Roberto Alaiz, Aitor, Fernández, Abdelaziz Merzougui y Gabriel Navarro.
   -Junior: Jorge Blanco, Jaime Escriche, Saúl Ordóñez, Ismael Quiñones, Ángel Ronco y Pablo Sánchez.
   -SENIOR: Alessandra Aguilar, Azuvena Díaz, Diana Martín, Lidia Rodríguez y Marta Silvestre.
   -PROMISE: Tania Carretero, Beatriz Esteban, Blanca Fernández e Irene Sánchez-Escribano.
   -Junior: Marina Carrtero, Jenny Fernandez, Adriana Gutierrez, Marta Pérez and Ana Vega.