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BUDAPEST .- Formula 1 Hamilton (McLaren-Mercedes): "Red Bull and Ferrari will again be very fast in Hungary"

BUDAPEST .- Formula 1 Hamilton (McLaren-Mercedes): "Red Bull and Ferrari will again be very fast in Hungary"

"Moving to Fernando (Alonso) made me feel really good"

MADRID, July 25, 2011 (EUROPA PRESS )
The British driver Lewis Hamilton (McLaren-Mercedes), recent winner of the Grand Prix of Germany, has been elated by the good time going through "a strange season" in which "anything can happen" and whose next meeting will be Hungary where "Red Bull and Ferrari will again be very fast" by the hot conditions.
"Last year, Red Bull was light years ahead of everyone (in Hungary). And a month ago in Valencia, Red Bull and Ferrari were very quick in the heat, which is expected in Hungary. But we small improvements, will to wait and see. We may have cold conditions, would be perfect for us, "Hamilton said in an interview discussed a '' gathered by Europa Press.
Despite 82 points separating him from the leadership that holds Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull), Hamilton believed that "everything is still possible" because the pilots are "mid-season, with many points still left to play."
"It's been a strange season. One day we are fine and the next day, no. We do not know why. This weekend came a couple of very small improvements in our performance and suddenly took off. I hope that from now on and follow all "wanted the world champion in 2008.
In addition, Britain said that "criticism is answered in the track" and a "result as Germany is answered everything," while he made a confession about what happened at the Nurburgring. "Moving to Fernando (Alonso) made me feel really good," he acknowledged.

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