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Picasso star of a Spanish-French comedy filming in Hungary

 The Spanish film director Fernando Colomo currently in Budapest conference "The band of Picasso" Spanish-French comedy with Pablo Picasso as a protagonist in the Hungarian capital that serves as a setting to remember the Paris of 1911, producers announced.
 "The film is the story of the theft of the Mona Lisa in 1911, a theft of the famous painter Pablo Picasso was suspect," he said Monday night the spokesman told AFP production, Andrea Bartfai.
 Filming began in early November and ends on December 17.
 Colomo is known for works such as "It" (1997) and "South of Granada" (2002).
 "This film, I work for seven years, is unquestionably the more work I have invested more time and more illusions," Colomo said in a statement, adding that he has chosen comedy as "the best tool to deal serious things. "
 The cast included Ignacio Mateos (as Pablo Picasso), Bénézit Pierre (Guillaume Apollinaire), Lionel Abelanski (Max Jacob) and Raphaëlle Agogué (Fernande Olivier).
 The film opens in cinemas in 2012.
 Source: AFP 29/11/2011