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Extenda organized to promote commercial activity Andalusian horticultural companies in Hungary and Romania

The Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia (Extenda), an agency under the Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Science, is organizing a direct mission of the horticultural sector in Hungary and Romania, which involves five Andalusian companies. The action began Tuesday and lasts until Thursday, has the support of the business promotion office in Hungary, and Romania Extender Antenna.
SEVILLA, September 27, 2011 (EUROPA PRESS)
The main objective is that the signatures of the community learn and expand into these markets to expand contacts and business relationships. Andalusian companies involved are in Almeria (Costa de Almeria H. Almost) Seville (Andalusian Citrus Euroberry SAT) Granada (Byblos Fruit).
The agenda for this trade mission has started Tuesday with a day's work in Budapest, where meetings were held in the wholesale market of the city between the participating firms and ten importers in addition to those that have been conducted in the major chain headquarters Hungarian CBA, as reported in a note the Andalusian Administration. Also, the action continues 28 days in Romania in which again will be bilateral meetings with importers and supermarket chains, nine in total, and visits prospective.
Romania is the second largest agricultural producer in the Eastern European countries after Poland, and both climate and soil fertility are conducive to making the country an agricultural powerhouse. According to Extenda, from January to June 2011 Andalusia has exported food products and beverages worth 6.17 million euros, an increase of 105.7 percent over the same period in 2010.
By Province sold the most in this sector are Almeria (88.1%) and Seville (5.3%). Andalusia is the fourth community that exports to Romania while horticultural products are the most exported 93.6% of the total in 2011. So far this year are already 38 firms that have exported products Andalusian in this sector in Romania.
Andalusia is a stable supplier of Hungary as far as fresh produce is concerned. Andalusia in 2010 ranked second in the ranking of exporting fresh regions of Hungary. In the case of vegetables, more than 35 percent of Spanish exports of Andalusian origin are more than six million euros last year.
Extenda According to a report in the first six months of 2011 Andalusia has exported 6.8 million euros in food products, with this figure is the third largest community in Hungary exporting community. Andalusia Almeria is the most exported, 67.3 percent of total exports from January to June this year, and in the same period are already 72 firms that have sold their food products to Hungary.