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Fernando Colomo begins in Budapest filming of 'La Banda Picasso'

Director Fernando Colomo begins in Budapest filming his new film, 'La Banda Picasso' for the one with Jose Luis Alcaine (Gold Medal of the Academy of Film in 2011) as a cinematographer, Patrice Vermette (nominated Oscar 2010 for 'The Young Victoria ") as art director and Beatriz de la Gandara (' barbarians Years', 'South from Granada') as producer.
'La Banda Picasso "is based on the true story of the theft of the Mona Lisa from the Louvre Museum in Paris, in 1911, which arrested his friend Pablo Picasso and Guillaume Apollinaire on suspicion of having committed the crime. The film is shot just as it marks the centenary of this event which held half a world on edge and makes very little was known what the consequences for Picasso.
"Comedy is an excellent vehicle to tell these things that seem so serious and important," says the director of 'barbarians Years' (1997) and 'South from Granada' (2002) about this story, which completes the a trilogy, for the moment, movies inspired by real historical events and characters that staff look fiction and humor.
Fernando Colomo been working on this project more than seven years, engaged in an exhaustive investigation that has led him to assemble a library of over one hundred volumes on the subject. Ensures that the project has been "the most time, effort and enthusiasm has led me."
The main characters are played by Ignacio Mateos (Pablo Picasso), Bénézit Pierre (Guillaume Apollinaire), Lionel Abelanski (Max Jacob), Raphaëlle Agogué (Fernande Olivier), Jordi Vilches (Manolo Hugué), Louise Monot (Marie Laurencin) and Stanley Weber (George Braque), along with Thomas Jouanet (Henri-Pierre Roché), Alexis Michalik (Baron), Cristina Toma (Gertrude Stein), David Coburn (Leo Stein), Eszter Tompa (Alice Toklas) and Tony Gaultier (Henry Matisse).