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Ten things to do in Budapest - Cadena Ser Travel

Ten things to do in Budapest - Cadena Ser Travel
Try a goulash Central market, visit the legendary film studios Korda or stroll through its art nouveau buildings. The Hungarian capital this year will be one of the preferred destinations of Europe. Here are ten recommendations beyond the classic routes.
Visit the Parliament
This huge building of the nineteenth century, one of the most beautiful of Hungary, is also the icon of the city. A must start with the visit! The dome has an outside height 96 m and 47 m indoors, fit inside a building 10 plants! Beneath it remains a crown flanked by two guards. You can also visit the Upper House. The gallery retains marks of shots, memories of an attempt against the president in 1912.
View Art Nouveau houses
The Art Nouveau, an imaginative architectural movement made of organic elements, like animals and floral motifs, one of its hallmarks, beautiful examples left in Budapest: Bedo House, the House Walko (with a stone facade forming different elements plants, mosaics and eight different animals) or the Royal Postal Savings Bank, an impressive building decorated with bees even more amazing up to a hive by its columns.
Hospital Rock Museum
This secret nuclear bunker and hospital is located 10 meters underground and has now been converted into an impressive museum preserving individual medical devices, electronics and food from time served as a shelter during the Cold War. The hospital has worked on two occasions: during the Second World War and the 1956 Revolution. It has a length of about 2 km.
Scroll bars ruin
The ruin bars are the hallmark of the Hungarian night. A group of friends presented a proposal to the City Council to convert a building in the process of demolition in a bar, cultural center, showroom and concert all in one. And at City Hall, usually grants it. Each bar full of imagination and creativity in decor and offers extensive cultural programs. Stresses the Szimpla Kert, considered the third best bar in the world by users of the Lonely Planet guides. All information appears on the web
Goulash Lunch at Central Market
The Central Market, built in the late nineteenth century, is the largest and most emblematic of Budapest. In the basement is sold fish on the ground floor there are stalls selling fruit, sausages, sweets, etc. And on the second floor are popular priced restaurants that are close to both tourists and locals, to eat a plate of goulash, a stew made of pork, vegetables and much paprika
Discover caves Pálvölgyi
The hot springs are a symbol of Budapest, but few people know that the hot water running through the ground has created a system of caves 120 km long. The cave has Szemlo artificial lighting and paved floor, allowing the visit even in a wheelchair. The other cave, of Pálvölgyi, is ideal for the first time to dare to adventure caving fun, as long as one is not claustrophobic: three hour tour by narrow passes and climbs walls.
Visit Cinecita "Korda Filmpark"
Korda's legendary studios are part of film history of Central and Eastern Europe. Now converted into a museum, allowing an interactive tour of the various optical effects and funny film before. Outside one gasps while soaking in the size recreation of a street in Brooklyn, used for the movie Hellboy. Also preserved the sets of "The Borgias". For outdoor scenes were recreated literally a whole Italian Renaissance town, with its streets and squares.
Bathing in Széchenyi
The city of Budapest is built on a fault that flow by more than 100 thermal springs. Not surprisingly, one of the most popular activities is going to take the waters at some of its hot spring resorts. One of the most popular is the Széchenyi, with 15 indoor temperatures and different healing properties, 10 saunas and steam rooms and three outdoor pools where people socialize, play chess and ultimately spends her spare time.
The Statue Park Memento
Communism is still alive in Budapest. Lives in the Statue Park, a large open space where it sensibly decided to gather all Soviet-era monuments that decorated the streets of Budapest. Instead of destroying or cornering them, are now on display here, in memory of a past that existed and should be recalled.
Eating strudel and see how they do
Another Hungarian dish is chicken strudel. A good place to try is the restaurant Rétesház Elso Pesti, where skilled chefs make a demonstration of how to stretch the dough into the air until it gets to cover an entire table. Hungarian Tradition says that a girl is not fit to marry if not able to cook a good strudel, so do not be surprised if you're a woman being pulled to try.

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