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Starts Thursday at Granada International Congress of Erasmus with 600 participants from 400 institutions

GRANADA, March 22, 2012
    The city of Granada is the most Erasmus students receive throughout Europe thanks to the prestige of their university, cuisine and heritage, with about 2,500 students a year. This international reputation helped him to be chosen to host the International Congress to be held Erasmus from this Thursday until March 25 attended by 600 participants from 400 institutions.
    This meeting, which last year was held in Budapest, aims to "foster international student mobility and promote social programs and integration of international students before, during and after their international experience", as became demonstrated during the presentation ceremony.
    The event - sponsored by MA Hotels and Heineken Group - has strong support from the City of Granada and its Department of Tourism, which have helped in recent years various activities to support language tourism and Erasmus.
    The Department of Tourism of the City of Granada has recently highlighted the important impact of this sector in the city, visited each year by about 2,500 European students in 82 percent of cases are also visited by an average of 3.7 friends and family, which represents about 7,500 visitors a year.
    These stays are generally higher than the average of what tourists usually visit us reaching the 4.3 day average stay.