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Fight for victory in Hungary "is still possible," says Alonso

The Spanish Fernando Alonso (Ferrari), who finished fifth Saturday in the rankings of the Hungarian Grand Prix Formula 1 said to have "confidence" to win Sunday's race at the Hungaroring, near Budapest.
"Last week at the Nurburgring (German Grand Prix) was fourth in the first ten laps. Then we fought for victory until the last stop. I have confidence and am optimistic we fight for victory is still possible," said Spanish .
"If the first four could be off the track at turn one would be a good idea," joked the Ferrari driver.
"There is no secret (to win), you have to do everything right: the strategy, pit stops, departure and have a bit of luck," he said.
The Spaniard also admitted that he could have done better in qualifying Saturday.
"In a normal race is complicated. If we finish fifth was not because something strange happened in Q3 but because others were better, with a significant margin (...) Even pooling our best times of the weekend, we fail to chrono of (Jenson) Button ", third Saturday, he admitted.
Despite the distance separating him from McLaren and Red Bull, Alonso said his Ferrari is "more competitive" in Germany last week.
"The race will be long. Anything is possible on Sunday, everything is open," he said.
Germany's Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) returned to take the pole position, the eighth of a season that clearly dominates its rivals, something that does not amaze Spanish.
"If it is a surprise to you (reporters) not for us", said Alonso.
"It is true that after the victory of Ferrari at Silverstone (Great Britain) McLaren at the Nurburgring, there's always the hope that Red Bull does not continue to dominate and make the championship more interesting. But from a practical point of view is 11 pole positions in 11 races, "he said.