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The Hungarian Parliament approved accession to the European fiscal pact

The Hungarian Parliament adopted today by a comfortable majority of the country's accession to the European new fiscal pact to resolve the crisis in the euro area, and had the backing of the ruling Fidesz (conservative) and socialistes
Efe - Budapest - 20/02/2012 - 20:29
A total of 304 deputies voted in favor of the accession of Hungary to the fiscal pact, 42 voted against and 15 abstained.
At the European summit in Brussels last December, the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had announced that Hungary was the first out of the covenant, along with the United Kingdom, saying he needed "more time" to discuss the matter in Parliament Magyar.
Just two months later, the only party that voted against the fiscal union in Budapest has been the far-right Jobbik, while environmentalists LMP Party abstained.
The countries of the European Union (EU), excluding the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic approved the deal.
Countries that join the pact, among others, should include in their legislation that the structural deficit will not exceed 0.5% of gross domestic product (GDP), among other requirements.