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Audi thinks green: entrusts geothermal facilities in Hungary

Audi thinks green: entrusts geothermal facilities in Hungary
The German automaker Audi has announced the construction of a modern geothermal plant in Gl, near its factory in Györ, which provide annually to the company about 82,000 megawatts per hour.
Audi facilities in Györ, Hungary
"The energy-efficient products and resource conservation in production processes are top priorities on issues related to environmental protection within Audi," according Hubert Waltl, member of the Board of Management of Audi as head of production .
"By focusing our attention on the use of energy and raw materials, we are advancing step by step towards the development of a production plant neutral from the point of view of CO2 emissions," adds Waltl in a statement.
Audi Hungary uses a variety of the latest technologies to obtain the necessary efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions in production. "The geothermal plant is now another important way to achieving our environmental objectives in the center of Györ milestone," noted Thomas Faustmann, CEO of Audi Hungaria Motor Kft., "And we are one of the most efficient companies in the region central-Eastern Europe ".
Drilling at Gl marks the starting point of the "Geothermal Project Györ" which allow geothermal resources can be used for energy supply of the entire industry in the region. The project includes not only the necessary drilling wells, but also the development of a complete geothermal heating system.