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Hungary dedicate 2011 to Liszt

The theme of the commemorative year is''Je suis Hongroise "-" I'm Hungarian ", in French''

PARIS, France (05/ENE/2011) .- The Romantic composer, Ferenc (Franz) Liszt (1811-1886), considered one of the most brilliant of the nineteenth century in Hungary will be honored during this year to the bicentenary of his birth.

The theme of the commemorative year is "Je suis Hongroise" - "I'm Hungarian", in French "- words that the musician in Paris said it when asked about its origins. Orsolya Erdödy, Klassz director of the office that coordinates the activities of the Year Liszt, romantic composer said he "felt very proud to be Hungarian."

Liszt Year will be officially launched on 22 January at the Magyar Culture Day with a concert by the Hungarian National Philharmonic, in collaboration with famed Hungarian pianist Zoltan Kocsis. In his native festivals are held, such as Miskolc, where represent Don Sanche, the only opera composed by Liszt. Also in Miskolc, Eastern Hungary, the Russian pianist Denis Matsuey offer the Liszt piano concertos, the day of his birthday, October 22. A month earlier, will be in Budapest several first-class pianists, including German Rolf-Dieter Arens, William Fong British, American and South Korean Charles Rosen Ick-Choo Moon, to play a varied repertoire with the finest works of Liszt . "We want to present a complete picture of the composer of the Hungarian Rhapsodies, so we also focus on other aspects of his work, such as those related to music education and church music, he wanted to reform," says Erdödy. In this area, that noted a planned concert at the Vatican, 27 May, before Pope Benedict XVI, with the participation of the Hungarian National Philharmonic. There will also be entitled exhibitions such as Liszt and Budapest and an international conference attended by musicologists, who focused on the composer's work. One of the most noteworthy of the Year is World Day Liszt Liszt, October 22, by the time the concert halls around the world to commemorate the presentation of his oratorio Christ.

Moreover, the Hungarian government has decided to rename this year from the international airport of Budapest under the name of "Ferenc Liszt."

Pioneering and innovative

Liszt is considered one of the pioneers of "program music" that tries to evoke ideas, extra-musical images or moods.

The composer, piano recital precursor and also considered the most influential pianist of the nineteenth century, was one of the most important of his time. Apart from his achievements as pianist and conductor, taught over 400 students, composed some 350 works and wrote or collaborated on eight volumes of prose, without correspondence. He also made more than 200 paraphrases and transcriptions of other composers for the piano.

It was one of the innovators of harmony in the nineteenth century, especially in the use of complex chromatic chords. He also investigated new procedures with technical musical thematic variations, as seen in the Sonata in B minor, the simple notes are transformed beginning to provide the necessary work of the thematic material.

This technique and its chromatic harmonies influenced Wagner and Richard Strauss. His compositions for piano required a difficult and revolutionary technique that gave the instrument a whole new color and sounds.