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The Philharmonic Orchestra of Szeged (Hungary) will be in Segovia on 28 and 29 December

SEGOVIA, December 25, 2011
    The Philharmonic Orchestra of Szeged (Hungary) will offer 28 and 29 December the traditional Christmas concert at the Teatro Juan Bravo in Segovia, organized by the Philharmonic Society Segovia collaboration with the Provincial, City Hall and Caja Segovia.
    The Hungarian Orchestra, led by Norbert Pfaflmeyer and Szilvia Ralik soprano solo Soloist: Szilvia Ralik, soprano will perform a concert devoted mainly to the Strauss family, with a selection of marches, polkas and waltzes.
    On the agenda items such as 'The Blue Danube', 'The Bayadere', 'Masquerade Ball', 'The Harlequin Polka' or 'Life Artist'. To open the concerts, which start at 20.30, will offer The Beautiful Galatea Overture von Suppe Franz. Tickets are a cost of 16, 18 and 20 euros, depending on the area of theater.
    The origins of the group dates back to the eighteenth century. Several directors have led to the current position among the largest in Hungary. This training is particularly remarkable for offering some innovative programs and by having a very broad activity, with auditions opera and symphonic concerts. Its director, Norbert Pfaflmeyer, leads the Prague State Opera.
    Currently the orchestra is composed of 56 components, musicians Hungarian universities graduates and the rest of Europe. Many of them are professors of the Conservatory of the city. His tours are common abroad, in countries like Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Taiwan, Singapore and Brazil.