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The Spanish synchronized swimming team achieved silver in the final quarter of combo

The Spanish got 97 700 points for 98 300 the Russians . In the final four synchronized, solo, duet, team and combo, podiums have been the same and in the same order. The Spanish team was composed of Basiana Clara, Alba Cabello, Ona Carbonell, Margalida Crespi, Andrea Fuentes, Thais Henríquez, Paula Klamburg, Irene Montruchio, Irina Rodriguez and Cristina Salvador. Renewal is a team that last year in the World of Rome was first in the performance of Combo in the absence of Russian, then, were imposed in the other three finals. In addition, the Spanish have not been able to count in Budapest with Gemma Mengual, who hopes to become a mother in the coming months, but has traveled to the Hungarian capital to encourage that until recently were their partners. Mengual, in any case, does not rule out returning to compete and prepare for the Olympic Games in 2012. The gradual generational change has not been noticed and have repeated the same results as four years ago in the same pool of Margaret Island in the middle of the Danube in the Hungarian capital. Anastasia Ermakova, Natalia Ischenko Elvira Khasyanova, Darya Korobov, Olga Kuzhela, Aleksandra Patskevich, Svetlana Romashina, Alla Shiskina, Aleksandra Anzhelika Zueva Timanina and received 49 100 and 4200 in the art and the artistic respectively. The Ukrainian Lolita Ananasova, Olena Grechyknina, Daria Iushko, Olga Kondrashov, Juliya Maryanko, Oleksandra Sabada, Kateryna Sadurska, Kseniya Sydorenko and Anna Voloshyn 47,000 and 47,100, respectively. In fourth place stood the Italian, with 92 100 points, ahead of Greece, 88 500; Belarus, sixth with 85 500, Czech Republic, seventh with 85 400, and Holland, eighth with 83 400.