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Plastics Castellá invests in Hungary


The family business from Tortosa Plastics Castellá has choosen Hungary to start its international expansion.

The company that chaveoncuenta 36 years of experience in the manufacture of containers, lids and caps for food products, personal hygiene and cleanliness, has announced the takeover of the U.S. multinational injection Nypro has Nagiygmand population, 90 kilometers from Budapest, Hungary. The plant is built on 28,000 m2 of land and has a building of 5000 m2.

The new company is called PlastiCast Hungary Kft and is driven by Plastics Castella, although Nypro has a small part of the shareholders.

Nypro multinational based in Boston, is a world leader in plastic injection mold making and using the facilities to provide customers such as Nokia, within its three business areas, electronics, consumer and health, but just ran out activity for the transfer of manufacturing to China.

The Hungarian factory after the company's agreement with the American Catalan will focus on the business of packaging. This alliance will allow Nypro develop packaging business in Europe.  

 Plastics Castellá  Group manufactures such as Nestle, Danone, Unilever, Proter & Gamble, Nutrexpa, Tetrapak ...

The Catalan company director Emilio Castellá said that "This strategic acquisition will enhance our ability to supply and contribute to our expansion plans to provide long-term global needs of our customers."

In turn, the president of Nypro Packaging, Paul Kayser said, "We are excited about the opportunity to partner with pellets Castellá and hope to continue offering from Hungary plant optimum solutions for our customers packaging."

In its first year PlastiCast Hungary expects to bill eight million euros in 2011 and employ more than sixty employees.