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Orban announced a new package of measures to reduce the deficit to 4% of Hungary

Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, has announced that next week will unveil a new package of measures to cut between three and four percent deficit of the country, which includes a tax increase.

BUDAPEST, September 2, 2011 (Reuters / EP)

In an interview late on Thursday TV2, Orban has revealed that the government plans to raise taxes on alcohol, snuff and the game to compensate for a deficit of 100,000 million forints (364 million) in the budgets .

These measures are supplemented with a specific plan against tax evasion, previously announced by Economy Minister Gyorgy Matolcsy.

While the 'premier' has ruled out additional drastic cuts in spending, explaining that, after reduction earlier this year, there is little leeway in that regard.

The Government's aim is to cut the deficit, which represents 77 percent of GDP, and maintain economic growth, which last month cut one point planned for this year, placing it at two percent.

From a regional perspective, Orban explained that these measures intended to prevent the country from falling into an economic crisis similar to that of their European neighbors. "They have fallen one after another. Greece has so much debt that can not afford it," he noted.

It has also predicted that the eurozone crisis will last a decade, since "in the last three months its leaders have been unable to agree on measures to prevent their countries from a deeper crisis."