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Women's water polo Hungary, following rival Miki Oca s girls

women's water polo
Hungary, following rival Miki Oca s girls
Spain seeks the top spot in Group B
   MADRID, Aug. 2, 2012 (EuropaPress)
   The Spanish women's water polo will be measured in the last game of the preliminary group of the Olympic Games for Hungary, on Friday at 15.10 in the polo arena in London, with the objective of achieving first place in the Group B and have a better crossover quarterfinals.
   The girls of coach Miki Oca won on the first day to China by 11-6 and the second day tied with the United States 9 goals, going back three goals down and ranking first in Group B along with the U.S. team with a win and a draw, but with better scoring average. The eight teams participating in the competition will contest the quarter-finals, but it depends on the league to have a better or worse

   The next opponent of Spain, Hungary, is to beat China 11-10 and placed by the third place in the group, which will compete with Spain placed the highest in the group and avoid the fourth and final spot them face with the leader of Group A. The Chinese team on the other hand, occupies that position at the moment, having fallen in both games.
   On Wednesday, the national team tied to the U.S. in a tough game and a thrilling end. The Oca Miki began playing the game as they did in the opener against the runners of the world, and went ahead on the scoreboard 3-1 with two goals almost followed Jennifer Pareja. After the break, the scene was very different, and in the absence of 5 minutes, USA won by 6 to 9. The task seemed difficult for the Spanish finally tied thanks to goals from Garcia and Jennifer Maica couple.
   Overlooking the shock front of the Hungarian national team on Friday, Spain will deploy the same game, without lowering the level, because a defeat could send them the lead at the third. Hungary was missing for most of the game but went into halftime tied at 4. In the second half China continued to lead but Hungary managed to get ahead in the last minute and score a victory in the box.
   Hungary has very dangerous players try to prevent the Spanish victory, as the scorers Gabriella Szucs and Rita Keszthelyi, who scored four and three goals respectively to China, are one of the greatest dangers of the Hungarian team.
   SPAIN: Laura Esther (P), Ana Copado (P), Marta Bach, Anni Espar, Roser Tarrago, Matilde Ortiz, Jennifer Young, Lorena Miranda, Pilar Pena, Andrea Blas, Ona Meseguer, Maica Garcia and Laura Lopez.
   HUNGARY: Flora Bolonyai (P), Edina Gangl (P), Czigany Dora, Dora Antal, Hanna Kisteleki, Gabriela Szucs, Orsolya Takacs, Dravucz Rita, Rita Keszthelyi, Ildiko Toth, Barbara Bujka, Dora and Katalin Csabai Menczinger, Edina Gangl.
   - LOCATION: Water Polo Arena.
   - TIME: 15.10.