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Budapest increased interest as a business destination

Budapest increased interest as a business destination
L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona), November 27, 2012 (EuropaPress) 
Barcelona is the fourth European city in corporate events, as American Express Meetings & Events, London and Paris in the top two positions.
    American Express Meetings & Events has unveiled at EIBTM takes place these days in Fira de Barcelona its annual market forecasts of organizing meetings and corporate events for 2013, indicating a growth in the Asian market and a decline in the European market because of the economic crisis.
    According to this study, in 2013 Europe recorded a decline of 2.3% in the number of meetings and 6% in spending in this sector, while North America will remain at levels similar to those of 2012, and only Asia experience significant growth for its economic strength.
    As for the main European destinations for business tourism, the top five are for London, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Brussels, while growing interest in other places such as Prague, Budapest and Istanbul thanks to lower prices.
    The head of American Express Meetings & Events in Spain, Jose Antonio Ruiz, explained that Barcelona "is adapting to the new economic situation, with reduced rates allowing you to stay on top of the European rankings."
    According to Ruiz, "the biggest competitor to Barcelona are cities like Berlin, they have a very good proposal and good price."
    The study also indicates that, because of the economic crisis, companies choose to organize their events at locations closer to their headquarters and in one location as restaurants or spas.