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Valladolid is in addition to the acts of the second centenary of the birth of Liszt with a cycle of four piano concertos

The Teatro Calderon de Valladolid will add to the events in different parts of the world to mark the second anniversary of the birth of Hungarian musician Franz Liszt, with a cycle of four piano concertos between 20 October and 13 December.
The charge cycle will open the Russian Eduard Kunz, 20 October, while November 10 will be the turn of Antonio Rosado and 17 of the same month, the Mancha Castilian Eleuterio Dominguez. For its part, will close the program from Valladolid Ángel Huidobro.
Specifically, Kunz interpret the Hungarian Rhapsody number two, number eight and twelve, the prelude and fugue in A minor and consolations S 172. For its part, the program will include Pink 'Hamonies du soir', 'Ballade number two', 'Rigoletto Paraphrase "of Verdi,' Les Cloches de Genève ',' Gounod Faust Paraphrase south 'and the Sonata in B minor, S 178 .
Eleuterio Dominguez held an impromptu tribute to Franz Liszt, three of the Poetical Caprichos, running the study transcendental number eight, the Blessing of God in solitude and almost Fantasy Sonata. Finally, Ángel Huidobro delight the audience with Poetic and Religious Harmonies.
Fertilizers, which are already on sale, priced at 18 euros, although the conservatory students may acquire by 14. Also, the tickets will cost six euros, although students will be cited for a special price of four and for members of Jeunesses Musicales de Valladolid, two.
Bring young
Quoted by Europa Press, the president of the Young, Mary Elizabeth Nunez, has recognized that, for future use is contemplated the possibility of offering discounts "all youth" in order to attract them to classical music.
In this sense, the artistic director of Teatro Calderon, Jose Maria Viteri, has shuffled "to make specific concerts' in this sense, among which include several designed to raise awareness of musical instruments to smaller, thanks to an agreement signed with La Caixa and the Palau de la Música in Barcelona.
All concerts will be held from 20.00 hours in Room Delibes and Calderón Theatre tickets can be purchased for each two weeks before each one.
The presentation of the cycle, on Friday at the theater itself, has attended the Councillor for Culture, Tourism and Trade of the City of Valladolid, Mercedes Cantalapiedra, who has indicated that such action is initiated the concert program Musical Youth Valladolid during this course.
Meanwhile, Nunez has praised the figure of all interpreters, specifically Eleuterio Dominguez, whom he described as "the reincarnation of Liszt himself," while Eduard Kunz said the young pianist who is "more than" the has made "vibrate".
Finally, Huidrobo Angel said that "not indifferent" and Antonio Rosado, that "worth seeing".