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Budapest Bath in winter

MADRID, 2013, January 23 (EuropaPress)

   Long ago the spa tourism became fashionable. The hot springs, combined with the different types of body treatments that many offer, are one of the best therapies to relax and make the problems evaporate (at least for a few hours).

   The outdoor baths allow, especially in winter, experience the feeling of taking a dip in the waters that reach 40 º C while outside temperatures are around, up or down, 0 ° C.

   The spa capital of Galicia flows, mostly through the right side of the river Minho.

   Along the majestic Ponte do Millennium and is Ponte do Ribeiriño Chavasqueira Zone.

   In it, the private party is composed of Japanese-style hot springs, thermal pools stone outdoor saunas, treatments and cafeteria areas.

   The public part of the Pools is da Chavasqueira, also known as 'Caldas do Bispo', by the bishop ordered that condition. Along the river, two thermal pools emerge along the landscaped environment. They are free and open 24 hours a day.

   Water is weak mineralization and although the original temperature is 62.6 ° C, employed various techniques to lose heat and kept at 43 ° C.

   Following the course of the river is reached Outariz contiguous zone. There is the largest thermal resort.

   The private school has Japanese-style baths and a very complete equipment comprising thermal saunas, jet areas and indoor and outdoor pools.

   Below and adjacent to the runway, the public is divided into two spaces, the Pools of Outariz Canedo and Burgas. Both have a pool of cold water and hot water three. The 60 º C which often reaches are reduced to 36 or 39 ° C.

   Between the two areas, the Pools do Muiño Veigas also give public and free.

   To go from one area to another can take the tourist train that connects the historic center with the baths, depending on the season. The price is 0.80 euros.

   The wealth of hot springs in this area led to the construction of the Caldea spa. Although he can find water in each of its states, the large lagoon flows through a creek with running water in the pond outside.

   The thermal water temperature ranges between 32 and 34 º C. Wrapped in the steam generated by the thermal contrast, you can relax in the jacuzzi vertical, waterfall or bubble bed.
IN a valley.

   In the small French village of Fontpédrouse, springs from the rocks a fantastic source of thermal water at 58 ° C.

   The Baths of Santo Tomas are located in a purely natural. A vast amphitheater of rocks hosts three outdoor pools, equipped with whirlpool, massage jets and two water ramps. The temperature varies according to climate between 34 and 38 º C.
BUDAPEST, spa capital.

   The city with more hot springs spas in the world has been operating for over 500 years.

   On the Buda side (the west bank of the Danube), Balneario Szt. Lukacs works from the Ottoman invasion. It is said that since then is the meeting place of politicians, intellectuals and artists and thermal waters are the most effective in the city.

   Besides the thermal rooms, wellness section and saunas, the resort has two outdoor pools for swimming and entertainment, where the water temperature between 22 and 40 ° C. Admission is 6 and 9 euros.

   The Széchenyi Spa is one of the largest in Europe and the oldest of the Pest side (the east bank of the river). A mixture of Roman, Greek and Norse is reflected through its facilities.

   The spa resort has over ten pools and offers the possibility of different types of therapeutic treatments.

   In the majestic courtyard houses the three outdoor pools. The water temperature reaches 38 ° C and in them you can swim, enjoy aquatic shows and even sit and play a game of chess. The entrance fee is 7 and 11 euros.