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Princesses from distant lands. Catalonia and Hungary in the Middle Ages

History Museum of Catalonia - From May 7 through August 2, 2009

Hungarian National Museum, Budapest. From September 4 to November 29, 2009

The exhibition, jointly organized by the Museum of History of Catalonia and the Hungarian National Museum, unveils the relations established between the two countries during the medieval period. Ties that were based on marriage strategies among the ruling dynasties of both countries, the houses of Aragon id'?rpad, and that led to four royal marriages between the twelfth and early sixteenth. The protagonists of
These links are four princesses who are queens Constance of Aragon, Violante of Hungary, Beatrice of Aragon and Mary of Habsburg. All of them assert their political role within the power structures of medieval courts and represent four different models of exercise authority.
The exhibition brings together an important collection of more than 200 pieces from museums and collections in Europe and the United States among which a set of tables from the Musée Languedocien of Montpellier, where he is the only contemporary representation of King James I The treasure of Santa Isabel de Portugal, the Machado de Castro Museum in Coimbra, prepared by master goldsmiths in the Crown of Aragon, part of the funerary complex of Constance of Aragon, from the Cathedral of Palermo, a selection of the Library Queen Beatrix and her brother John of Aragon, and a large sample of objects on the origins of the Magyar people from the Hungarian National Museum in Budapest, where the exhibition will be seen later.