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Budapest will host 2017 World Swimming

Budapest will host 2017 World Swimming

Budapest, March 11, 2015 (EFEMEX) .- Budapest will host the 2017 World Swimming Championships after Guadalajara (Mexico) gave up organizing the championship, according to an agreement signed today between the Hungarian government and the International Swimming Federation ( FINA).
This was announced to the press in the Hungarian Parliament FINA executive director Cornel Marculescu, and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, after signing the agreement.
The Spanish Marculescu stressed that the decision of the Hungarian Capital FINA was "unanimous" and predicted that the World Swimming Championships "will be fantastic" in July 2017.
Mexico resigned last February 18 to organize the Games scheduled in Guadalajara, due to their difficult economic situation and the adoption of public spending cuts.
The FINA "decided quickly" give the opportunity to Budapest, after that central European capital submit his candidacy to replace the Mexican headquarters originally chosen Marculescu said.
Previously, Budapest was chosen to host the World Cup in 2021, so the FINA open a new competition to choose another venue that year.