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"The Angel of Budapest” triumphs at New York International Festival
MADRID, April 18, 2012 (OTR / PRESS)
    TVE has triumphed in the Big Apple with a silver medal and two bronze. The 'tv movie' 'The angel of Budapest', the miniseries 'Operation Jaque' and the program "A country to eat" have been recognized at the 55th International Festival of Film and Television in New York.
    These awards, which were released Tuesday in a gala in Las Vegas (United States), recognized each year's best film and television for nearly 50 countries.
    'The Angel of Budapest' has received the silver medal in the category of 'TV movies'. Released on 22 December in January, tells the story of the Spanish legacy in Budapest Ángel Sanz Briz to save thousands of Jews during World War II.
    Francis Lawrence and starring co-produced by TVE and DLO Productions, was filmed entirely in the Hungarian capital. This production, directed by Luis Oliveros on a screenplay by Ángel Aranda Lamas, is based on the book of Diego Carcedo 'A Spanish against the Holocaust. 'The angel of Budapest' has received other awards including Best Film at the Festival Zoom, European film festival for television.