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Budapest Airport. Other airports in Hungary

Budapest Airport. Other airports in Hungary
Budapest International Airport is the largest in Hungary.
Opera not only with the major cities of Europe but also to North America, Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East, among other destinations.
At the Budapest International Airport transiting around 9 million passengers in 2013 Cheap flights to Budapest
Official Name
International Airport Budapest Liszt Ferenc (Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport)
Opening: It was inaugurated on May 7, 1950.
Official Web Site:
Tel: + 361 (1) 296-7000 | + 361 (1) 296-9696
Transfer airport to downtown Budapest BUDAPEST. Private Taxi in Budapest

Information Transfer Budapest Airport to Hotel / Apartment in Budapest and vice versa
Transfers in Budapest

To book we would need the flight number, city of departure, time of arrival in Budapest. Hotel or destination address. And the same for vuelta.El the payment is made directly to the driver in euros for the amount that is on the reservation.
The private taxi will meet you at the Budapest airport terminal with a sign with your name and transfer them directly to the hotel.
After the stay in Budapest taxi will pick you up at the front desk or at the door of his apartment and move them to the appropriate airport terminal.
To book simply need to send an e-mail to and we will send confirmation of transport.
No surcharge in case of flight delay.

Other airports in Hungary:
Airport Sármellék
Sármellék Airport, better known as FlyBalaton, is one of the few international airports in Hungary, and the second in importance after Hungary Airport Budapest. It is located near Lake Balaton, one of the most visited tourist sites in Hungary especially in summer.
It operates domestic flights and several international destinations such as Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig, Düsseldorf, Billund, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Moscow, among others.
I visited 110,000 passengers in 2007 Due to financial problems, the airport was closed for the winter 2008-09, but closed indefinitely on 10 October 2009 the airport was subsequently sold and reopened in April 2010.
Official Name
Sármellék International Airport (Sármellék International Airport)
Opening: 1991
Official Web Site:
Tel: + 36-83-554060
Debrecen Airport
Debrecen Airport, is a ballooning of Hungary. Basically operates domestic flights. Around 130,000 passengers passed in 2013
Official Name
International Airport Debrecen (Debrecen International Airport)
Opening: 1930
Official Web Site:
Tel: +36 52 518-800