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19th Budapest International Wine Festival

 8 to 12 September 2010

"We can hardly wait to storm the Buda Castle again next September, to occupy it for five days, and take possession of everything that we can find at the 19th Buda Castle Wine Festival. And there are things worth seizing… All that one can wish for and everything that our national culture represents is here: tradition, music, dance, poetry and, of course, wine, which embraces everything. Wine, which has been a faithful companion of the Hungarian people both in good times and bad for many long centuries."
(recommendation by Gyula Szarka, Ghymes)

All of this and more at the Wine Festival!

The Buda Castle Wine Festival, which has truly come of age, is one of the most prestigious and popular professional programmes and arts festivals, at which innumerable events are joined together by wine, mankind's most cultic product.
Every year, tens of thousands of people become acquainted at this event with the art of civilised wine consumption, noted winemakers as well as the specialities of Hungarian gastronomy and folk music.

For 19 years, the aim of the organisers of the festival, the Hungarian Viti- and Viniculture Public Benefit Company (Magyar Sz?l?- és Borkultúra Nonprofit Kft.), has been to introduce the very best of Hungarian wines and the noble wines of the world to those interested, to invite wine-growers and wine-loving friends to a personal meeting, to make people smile and to provide an unforgettable experience for all. This is why it is worth visiting Budapest, Hungary!

Wine University - quenching your thirst (for knowledge) from a clean spring
6-7 September
Headquarters of the Hungarian Cultural Foundation

As for many years now, the Wine University is the very first event of the Buda Castle Wine Festival this year as well. Connoisseur entertainment is guaranteed! Exciting topics from renowned presenters, who replace their stem with a microphone on Monday and Tuesday afternoon. Considering that even the absorption of knowledge is a laborious task if one's throat is dry, tasting excellent wines makes the pleasure complete on both days in 2010 as well.

A taste of what will be on offer: Market-leading Hungarian wine brands abroad. Opportunities in Hungarian rosé and siller. The harmony of quality wine and cheese. Wine regions and opportunities in historic Hungary. Cultivators of the glorious past in the historic wine region - introduction to Hungarian winemakers beyond the present frontiers.