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Budapest Transport


Required documents to enter the country: Driving license, registration certificate and indicative of the country. The authorization is valid driving a year from entering the country. After expiration of the residence, all cars must be removed from the country. Insurance: In Hungary it is mandatory liability insurance. BAP is sufficient for the registration and sign in the case of most European countries. Most European countries, including Spain, have signed on so-called Guarantee Agreement, a substitute for the green card that provides coverage for damage to third parties. Tourists from other countries must have a green card, and if not will be responsible for liability insurance at the border.

Traffic rules


International lines:
There is a daily service that operates most of the year between Budapest and Vienna and back, with a stop in Bratislava, on request. The departure and arrival times, according to different seasons, are expressed in the following table:

Ticket Price:
A single trip: 830 ATS (Austrian currency), round trip: 1150 ATS. Each passenger can carry a baggage of 20 kilos. Every pound of excess weight is paid to 10 nurses (121 ptas. 0,73 euros). Prices. Passport control and boarding an hour before departure.
For more information and conditions of the journey can be found at:

Mahart Vienna: tel. (43-1) 729 2161, 729 2162, fax (43-1) 729 2163, Mahart Passnave Budapest: (36-1) 318-1953, fax (36-1) 318-7740 International Line from Slovakia: Sturovo-Esztergom . Hours: daily from 8-16h Sturovo from June 1 to August 30 every hour 8-20h. Since Esz-tergom 7.20-15.20 from June 1 to August 30 7.20-19.20 every hour. Changing money on the pier of Esztergom.


By flights of Hungarian airline, Malev (Tel: 06-80-21-21-21 and 235-3888, free), Budapest has links with 38 cities in 28 countries, and receives regular flights from 27 airlines foreign. MALÉV has several direct flights a week from Madrid. The international airport is Ferihegy Hungary in Budapest, two terminals (Tel. 296-9696). Arrive and depart from Ferihegy Terminal 2A-MALÉV flights. Arrive and depart from Ferihegy Terminal 2B-flights of foreign companies. It is planning the expansion of the terminals to improve air traffic.

Transportation between the airport and the center of the city: There are different possibilities to get from Terminal 2A and 2B, located 24 km up to the city center.

Information on air transport:
Switchboard Ferihegy Airport: 296-9696 (extension to all services of the two terminals). Information about flights on the same day (arrivals and departures terminal Ferihegy 2A and 2B): 296-7155, 296-7000, 296-8000, fax :296-6000. Services lost luggage: Ferihegy 1: 296-7690, 296-7692, 295-3480, Ferihegy 2: 296-8108, 296-7217, 296-8422. Information and reservations for flights Malév: green number 80/21-2121 free, Monday to Friday 7.30-18pm, Saturdays 7.30-14h. Customs Information: Ferihegy 2 296-8306.


SA Railways Hungarians (Magyar Államvasutak Zrt. - MÁV) is the largest transport of Hungary, with a superior trips a year to 150 million. MÁV provides transportation services for 160 years, reaching all parts of the country. The network offers MÁV railway services through an extensive network of 8,000 kilometers of roads, paths inland offers links to national and international routes. Most trains leaving north using Keleti Station in Budapest, while the trains to the Great Plains and the bend of the Danube are departing from Nyugati station in Budapest. Trains go to various destinations and Crocacia Transdanubia and choose Balaton Déli Station (tel. 00361 375 62 93).

With MÁV, travelers can discover all over Hungary. To illustrate this, just try and advise them to enjoy the waters of Lake Balaton, to know the daily life of the Puszta (Great Plain) in places like the Hortobágy National Park (World Heritage), or visit the Historical Memorial Park Ópusztaszer of the city to look for the giant panoramic painting of the painter Hungarian Árpád Feszty. Whatever is your chosen destination, with the company MÁV always reach your goal.

To purchase tickets, passengers can go to the ticket office of MÁV in train stations and other places selling tickets in Budapest and the provinces.

To buy tickets, passengers can do in Wasteels stations (Keleti station in Budapest) and the MÁV lockers throughout the country.

Public Transport

* Buses, trams and trolley buses generally run from 4h 30 until 23:00 pm Night there in 16 buses, each 10 or 60 minutes, with the signal E.
* Metro: M1 (yellow line), the Millennium Underground Railway, in Vörösmarty tér Mexikói up út; M2 (red line) station Déli-Örs vezér tér, M3 (blue line), Városközpont Újpest-Kispest-Kó'bánya. The 3 lines cross in the center at Deák tér. The trains run 4h 30 from 23h to 30 working days every 3 to 6 minutes on weekends every 5 or 8 minutes in the morning before 6 am and 30 pm after 20h less frequently .
* Suburban train (HÉV) circulates between Budapest and Csepel Island, south, and between the capital and other cities nearby Szentendre, Gödöllö 'and Ráckeve.
* Ships from the banks of the Danube: the stretch run between north and south of the Danube from May to September, between Boráros and Pünkösdfürdő tér. Information: BKV S.A. tel. 369-1359.

The ticket is valid for one line and a trip. Travelers without a valid ticket must pay a fine. In the metro has to make a ticket for each line. (Note: When you transfer to metro ticket must be used again, because for lack of a valid ticket they can inflict a fine of 2,500 Ft) Tickets are sold at the stations in the subway stations and on the streets. To travel on a means of transport have to dial the ticket purchased in advance to the apparatus drill picándolo save until the end of the trip and submit it to the driver if requested. In the metro is the drill at the entrance, the other means of transport inside the vehicles. You can get more information about the subway in Budapest Internet: