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Bosch invests 20 million in a new production plant in Hungary components

The automotive component manufacturer Bosch has opened a new production of automotive technologies in the Hungarian city of Miskolc, the company, which has invested 20 million euros in the center, which has taken a year to build.
Miskolc (Hungary), September 22, 2011 (EUROPA PRESS)
This new building depends on the Hungarian affiliate of the corporation Robert Bosch Energy and Body Systems, which manufactures vehicle technology, such as parts for air conditioning, 'starters' or alternators.
The member of the board of Bosch Wolf-Henning Scheider explained that in terms of staffing, Miskolc is becoming the largest plant of the divisions of Electronics, Starters and Generators of the company in Europe.
At the same time, Schneider noted that the German group could begin mass production of components for electric bicycles in its facilities and Hatvan Hungarian Miskolc. Thus, the firm estimates that by 2014 the staff of Robert Bosch Energy and Body Systems in the center of Miskolc rise from 1,900 to 3,000 employees.
In addition, the corporation plans to hire a Teutonic 1,200 new workers for the production of power tools in another part of the factory. Currently, the company employs 8,000 people in Hungary, where 430 million euros turnover in 2010.