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Oysho (Inditex ) opens its first flagship store in Budapest

Oysho (Inditex ) opens its first flagship store in Budapest

Oysho (Inditex ) arrives in Hong Kong and opened its first flagship store in Budapest
Oysho lingerie line , sport and ' homewear ' Inditex continues its expansion into the European and Asian markets after inaugurate its first flagship store in Budapest and disembark in Hong Kong , as reported by the company in a statement.
The fashion shows commitment to continue growing in the Asian market which has just opened its first store in Hong Kong , expanding its presence on the continent , where it already has 41 stores in China , one in Macau and Hong Kong new .
The store is located in Festival Walk, one of the commercial centers of the city 's after , and has an area of 130 square meters and a fully glazed facade , thus allowing full view of the store, which becomes a showcase from the outside.
This opening comes a week after the company inaugurated its first flagship store in Budapest , thus adding a second store in the Hungarian capital. This opening is the first hotel at street level , is located in Fashion Street, one of the main shopping streets of the city.
The image of both stores , in line with the new brand concept, seeks to recover the past and reinvent . This highlights the mixture of materials such as wood or iron combined with ceramic or steel pipes, wherein the mixture of elements such as wire and busts of ancient Modern stools or chairs with upholstered furniture with variety of prints predominates.
Thus, the line of underwear, sport and ' homewear ' Inditex now has over 550 stores which are spread over 40 countries in Europe , Africa , America and Asia.

MADRID , May 23, 2014 (EuropaPress)