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BUDAPEST, February 20, 2012 / PRNewswire /
    Free website and one that offers multiple translations, the innovative translation portal created as a result of a two-year project funded by the EU. The Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS) coordinated the development of the platform, which offers high quality translations even less common language pairs, and provides up to five alternatives in the most frequent.
    The automatic online translation services that are intended to support a better understanding of foreign languages, have steadily improved in quality throughout the world. Website
    (Internet Translators for all European Languages) is an important step in this process. The project's main objective is to offer the best translation engines available in the languages of the EU. This free public service made possible by a consortium of the best providers of translation services in Europe (SYSTRAN, PROMT, Linguatec, MorphoLogic, Amebis, Sunda,, SkyCode, Trident) coordinated by the Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The website allows users to translate texts from e-mails and web pages and even chat live in all official European languages and many more. Of course, these translations are not like the translations done by humans, but they help to understanding among peoples and tongues with increased efficiency.
    The site uses 300 engines of the tongue and provides solutions in 45 languages including national languages, European languages and other language or languages of the world. The alternative translations are available in various language pairs. Multiple simultaneous translations available guarantee the best solutions for users to choose which best helps them understand the alternatives offered. This is possible to evaluate and rank the translations online.
    Special technology developed by programmers connects the different translation systems.
    The website will soon offer free services under subscription. For home users, offers translation boxes that can be integrated into the user's own website, creating plug-ins for Firefox translation as well as applications for most popular chat programs. The website also has a public interface for programmers who can develop your own application.
    Besides offering translation memory and SDL Trados Studio, MemQ or déjà vu for translators and translation companies.
    'MorphoLogic Using technology first used by László Tihanyi, consortium members collected their expertise and resources and created an innovative web-based service that is unique in the world. It ensures high quality translations through continuous monitoring and evaluation '- said Tamás Váradi, project coordinator and assistant director of Research Institute for Linguistics, HAS.
    Site visitors can find boxes of translation that can be tailored. The website owners can add the service to their own pages, as the applications that can integrate into their own sites can translate text and web sites for foreign visitors who do not speak a foreign language.
    Project developers anticipate significant traffic to the website and expect not only new users but also to join new service providers.