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opening of the new plant of the company in Kecskemét (Hungary)

Mercedes-Benz plans to become the world's leading manufacturer of premium
KECSKEMÉT (Hungary), March 29, 2012
   The Mercedes-Benz car company contemplates becoming the world's leading manufacturer of premium segment vehicles in 2020, both in terms of sales volume and brand, products and profitability, Daimler reported consortium for the inauguration of the new company's plant in Kecskemét (Hungary).
   The Mercedes-Benz forecasts contemplate reaching a turnover of 1.4 million units in 2014 and 1.6 million units for the year 2015, compared to 1.27 million units sold in 2011.
   Daimler said its Mercedes-Benz is on the way to achieve the targets set in its growth strategy for 2020, which provide that the signing of the star to become a leader in the premium segment at the end of this decade.
   German consortium president, Dieter Zetsche, said the brand is "consistently implementing" its growth strategy and stated that your company are aware of the challenges they will face for the world's leading car sales premium.
   The company said that following the success of sales recorded last year, provides close the first quarter of 2012 with a new world record enrollments. In order to meet their business objectives, the company is reinforcing the key brand values.
   In addition, Mercedes-Benz is working on the rejuvenation of its product portfolio through the launch ten new models to market for the year 2015. The actions of this strategy include measures to reduce consumption and emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from their vehicles.
   In this sense, the German corporation will be ready to cut average CO2 emissions of its cars sold in Europe by 2016, rising from 150 grams to 125 grams per kilometer.
   The subsidiary of Daimler consortium is also undergoing a process of improving its profitability, which is carrying out new projects, such as cooperation with Renault-Nissan, or measures to reduce costs and improve efficiency .
Source: EuropaPress