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HOTEL Moments Budapest, this is a 'great Budapest hotel'.

HOTEL Moments Budapest, this is a 'great Budapest hotel'.

Do you remember? Gran Hotel Budapest is the title of a delightful Wes Anderson comedy that pays homage to an establishment with hearth that, however, is not in the Hungarian capital. The Hotel Moments is an elegant 19th-century building designed two centuries ago by Adolf Feszty, the architect of Hungary's most important period. A hotel full of history ...

And all the citizens of Budapest know the one of this emblematic building: it was the headquarters of the company of its founder, a wealthy businessman who traded with tobacco, sugar and wheat; Went on to become the first cinema in the city and, later, in bank and headquarters of different social clubs.

So many changes have not affected the original spirit of the building. The last update was carried out by Archikon, in collaboration with the architect Csaba Nagy. They emphasize its impressive façade inspired by the Italian Renaissance, the beautiful frescoes and the magnificent iron railings of its interior.

The ornamental details of the 19th century are combined, in harmony, with contemporary materials and design pieces. This contemporary look brings an interesting contrast to the original elegance of the building, which has monument status in the Hungarian capital.

In particular, the Italian design firm Alma Design, with its Hungarian collaborators Eszter Partners, has participated in the renovation of this bicentennial hotel with its design and furniture proposals, especially its iconic X Series seats, Mario Mazzer, present in the restaurant area.