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Hungary and the world commemorate the 200th anniversary of the composer Liszt

Budapest, October 19, 2011 (EFE) .- Hungary and the world this weekend celebrates the 200th birthday of composer Magyars, Ferenc Liszt, the Liszt called Day.
On October 22, the birthday of composer, many cities Hungarian, European and Asian presented at prestigious concert halls in his oratorio "Christ."
Budapest, Prague, Vienna, Paris and Seoul, among others, are so prominent centers of the celebrations during the "World Liszt Day", part of the commemorative year, whose motto is "Je suis hongroises" (I'm Hungarian, French ), a statement from the composer of the "Hungarian Rhapsodies", when asked about its origins.
Liszt (1811-1886), composer, pianist, conductor and musical educator, according to experts, a pioneer of "program music", which tries to evoke ideas, extramusical images or moods.
Hungary during this anniversary year, which ends in late December, has and will result in numerous events and events to remember the composer, as was the revival of his only opera, "Don Sanche" which he wrote at 13 years of age.
Soloists and orchestra concerts, exhibitions, lectures and children's programs were part of the agenda of the year, also came to Madrid.
On 13 January, with the assistance of the kings the Liszt Ferenc Chamber Orchestra gave a concert at the National Auditorium with great success.
The composer, who played concerts throughout Europe, he spent six months in Spain between 1844 and 1845 and acted in Cadiz, Seville, Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid.
However, the most important event is the concert series Saturday, October 22, when the orchestra and chorus of Musical Arts, University of Ferenc Liszt give a concert in Bayreuth, where the artist died in 1886, and Hungarian National Philharmonic will celebrate in Budapest.
Outside the global day, the royal castle of Godollo, which was the headquarters of the Hungarian presidency rotating European Union (EU) on the first half of this year and where he spent much of his life the legendary Austrian-Hungarian Empress Elizabeth Wittelsbach, known as Sisi, will join the celebration of Liszt.
The Hungarian government also decided to pay homage to the composer and changed the name of Budapest Airport, which since March this year bears the name of "Ferenc Liszt".