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Jerez Zoo prepares for the transfer of Buba elephant to a zoo in Hungary, where family will be

The conservation team Zoobotánico Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz) is already doing the necessary work prior to transfer to the support Buba Zoo elephant in Hungary, which will take place in the first week of next October, where the elephant will be part of a family and be played.
Thus starts an operation, which will also be supervised by specialists from Hungarian zoo decided by the conservative team last February, "thinking only and exclusively in animal welfare", as explained by the City Jerez in a statement.
Buba coexist with this decision, from now on, with a group of elephants, making it possible to be aware of mother and family life, something "very important for their development", as these animals need to have a social life .
At first it was decided to transfer last spring but due to the heat was considered more appropriate to await the arrival of autumn. From the Jerez Zoo assure players that met the objectives, Buba can return to their facilities.
In her coming up the zoo in Hungary, Jerez zoobotánico organized on Saturday a holiday dedicated to Buba, with activities consist of carrying messages with good wishes to fly in a balloon, and the cast of a thousand masks elephant, for cutting and coloring for children, and so take them as a gift and remembrance of Buba.
Buba came to Jerez as a baby, the March 11, 1988, from the Etosha National Park, Namibia (Africa). Elephants need lots of space to live, so that the reservation where they lived, due to selective hunting and thus get rid of 14 pups. When the zoo had news of it was put into action to save one of those babies, supported by many companies in Jerez, which joined the initiative to bring the city to an African elephant.
Upon arrival, the children put through a contest named Buba. Among the many anecdotes to highlight at that time was the act of generosity from a girl named Helga Manzano, who broke his piggy bank to help Buba coming to town.