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Budapest used the success of their start-ups to be a European technology center

Budapest used the success of their start-ups to be a European technology center

Budapest 19 October 2014.- Barack Obama, the Dalai Lama and NASA have in common using video distribution Ustream Live, a Hungarian-up company (startup) symbolizing the Budapest potential to become a regional center of such emerging companies.
In the Hungarian capital have emerged in recent years hundreds of these technological germs, attracted public support, good infrastructure, its central geographic location and abundance of qualified personnel.
Although still far from the level of Berlin or London, the SUCCESS of several of these companies has generated many expectations about future capital Budapest as emerging companies in Central and Eastern Europe.
The Hungarian government is committed to this challenge with different types of aid.
"The Government's goal is that by 2020 Hungary becomes the center of the 'startup' in Central and Eastern Europe" raises Zoltán Cséfalvay, Secretary of State of Economy.
For this, the authorities have adopted a program of 450 million euros to support these companies over the next six years.
In addition, the government is preparing a "tax package" specifically to support these businesses, reducing your tax, according to Efe National Innovation Office.
Such optimism bet and both are based on global successes of several Hungarian companies that have conquered emerging markets such as Prezi, Ustream, NNG, LogmeIn and Gravity.
Several of these "start-ups" have become established projects that have recorded growth of income up to 50 percent per year and some still expect performance improves even more when generated a great new "boom" of computing.
Prezi is one of them, a multimedia application for creating presentations that is already used by 46 million people.
According to the National Innovation Office, in Hungary there are some 300 emerging companies generating revenues of several hundred million euros annually.
However, the creators of these companies are within the optimism, a little more cautious with your expectations.
"The thinking in Central Europe is a good fertilizer for software companies," he told Efe Péter Balogh, CEO of NNG, makers of GPS navigation software they use and 26 percent of all browsers the world.
Balogh Budapest believes that options have become a breeding ground for "startups", but insists that this requires strengthening higher education and ensure that young people from leaving the country to find work in Western Europe.
The four great Hungarian ups, Prezi, Ustream, LogmeIn and NNG, have created "Budapest Bridge", an organization to help these start-ups to join the world of business.
According Veronika Pistyur, director of this association, one of the characteristics of these companies is that despite his vocation to conquer the global market, "want to stay in Hungary."
"For us it is very important to give back to the environment and motivate, telling stories they can. Tales of Hungary where the basis of faith in oneself is the knowledge and performance," he told Efe.
So offer scholarships to young talent to go to form a "Silicon Valley", the great technological center of California, and then return to apply learning in Hungary.
On the goal that Budapest will become a great center of "startups" Pistyur more importantly highlights the way that the fact hang tags.
"The idea is to attract many (entrepreneurs) at this early stage and convert to Budapest on a basis of this initial construction.'s An excellent place for it, since Europe is available here shortly. And also from the point of view infrastructure, quality of life.'s a very viable place, "says Pistyur.
With regard to public assistance plans, responsible for these large emerging companies reject such funding arguing remaining motivation and effort to overcome the project.

Source: EFE

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