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Clinton highlighted in Budapest the importance of the fight for freedom

Budapest, June 30, 2011 (EFE) .- The Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has highlighted the importance and relevance of the struggle for freedom and human rights, opening today in Budapest Tom Lantos Institute (TLI), dedicated to only member of Congress Holocaust survivor.
At a ceremony in the majestic "Room of the Upper House" of the Hungarian Parliament, Clinton expressed confidence that the TLI, which will be based in the capital Magyar continue the work started by U.S. Congressman Lantos of Hungarian origin (1928 -2008) in defense of human rights.
The foundation of TLI occurs "in time", when in different countries of the world population struggles for freedom, especially in North Africa, said the head of U.S. diplomacy in his speech.
The new institute is designed as a research center focused on human rights and minorities in Central and Eastern Europe and Western Balkans.
Meanwhile, Clinton's predecessor, Condoleezza Rice called Lantos as a man "extraordinary" that transformed ideas into action.
"He never forgot his roots," said Rice, who is co-director of the institute, and recalled that the Democrat had Expolit two countries, Hungary and the United States.
As a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House U.S., Lantos, who maintained a close relationship with Clinton was always a defender of human rights in the world, something that all speakers stressed to talk about it.
The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán for his part, praised him as "one of the messengers of Hungary in the world."
The institute, Orbán continued, represents the idea of freedom, as it has the same Lantos.
After his visit to Budapest, Clinton is scheduled to travel today to Vilnius (Lithuania).